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Preferred Equity For Operating Businesses:

Investment Criteria

• Prudent Capital provides acquisition equity to those Companies that satisfy its general investment criteria for mezzanine debt plus the added criteria of:

• Reasonable purchase price (if an acquisition)

• Sufficient common equity

• Seller take-back debt, if any, fully subordinated to the liquidation preference

• Sufficient free cash flow being generated by the business to redeem the preferred equity within 5 years

Financial Terms

• Prudent Capital Equities will invest $1 to $5 million in a portfolio company

• The investment takes the form of preferred stock with a formula liquidation preference

• The formula for the liquidation preference is the invested amount plus cumulative and compounded dividends of 15% per annum

• No dividends need to be paid currently

• The liquidation preference is payable by the Company within the first 5 years

• Detachable penny warrants are issued by the Company to bring Prudent Capital Equities’ annual internal rate of return to 35% 

Items Required for Evaluation for a Request for Capital

• 3 years’ historical financial statements prepared by an outside accountant (preferably audited)

• As current as possible year-to-date operating statements

• 3 - 5 year projections with assumptions articulated

• Organization chart with all employees and their compensation listed

• Marketing materials used by the business

• A schedule of the amount of capital desired and its intended uses

• A business plan or other narrative describing the operations of the Company, its future plans and how such plans are to be achieved

• A list of competitors and industry trade associations

• Information concerning the size of the industry and its growth potential

Investment Process

• Prudent Capital welcomes requests for capital directly from potential portfolio companies as well as from intermediaries.

• After a preliminary review of the business model, the management team and the reason capital is needed, a timely decision will be made whether a complete review of the business plan and additional information is desired.

• After a favorable review of the business plan and other materials, the Portfolio Manager will either visit the portfolio company or participate in a conference call to meet the management team, review the company's operations and to answer any questions regarding the company's materials.

• After a favorable meeting, additional information will be requested from the portfolio company and, upon receipt of such information, a term sheet will be prepared by Prudent Capital.

• After the execution of a mutually agreeable term sheet and the payment of the required expense deposit, the Portfolio Manager will compile the underwriting package required by Prudent Capital and its Advisory Committee to approve the transaction. Such package includes:

a.) a narrative describing the operations of the portfolio company, the industry of the portfolio company, the pros and cons of the transaction and how the portfolio company satisfies Prudent's investment criteria;

b.) historical financial statements of the portfolio company (audited if available);

c.) projections of the free cash flow to be generated by the operations of the portfolio company for the next 5 years; and

d.) the executed term sheet.

• After the approval of the investment by Prudent Capital's Advisory Committee, the due diligence and legal documentation of the investment will commence.

• Funding of the investment will occur at closing when all of the documentation is complete and executed.

• Depending on the availability of information from the portfolio company, the entire process usually takes between 30 and 60 days.

Portfolio Manager

Prudent Capital’s Portfolio Manager is Steven J. Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is a CPA and an attorney with over 25 years of experience working with, investing in, running and evaluating various companies in various industries

For the past 24 years, Mr. Schwartz has been Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel to a diversified group of companies in which Howard and Stanley Bender had an ownership interest. These companies included general contracting, real estate leasing, property management and development, radio broadcasting, telecommunications, software development, wholesale distributorship and a golf course.

Prior to these activities, Mr. Schwartz practiced law for 3 years with the firm of Tucker Flyer (now merged into Venable) and practiced public accounting for 5 years with the firm Aronson and Company. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Maryland and a law degree with honors from the University Of Maryland School Of Law.

Mr. Schwartz currently serves on the board of Capital Bank, N.A.

Steven Schwartz  

Portfolio Companies

Prudent Capital Equities have invested in the following companies:

Vista Technology Services, Inc.

• Government contractor specializing in data integration and decision support services for military facilities located in Herndon, VA

• $.5 million of preferred equity to assist in the management-led buyout of the Company

CBLPath, Inc

• Provider of outpatient anatomic pathology laboratory services to sub-specialty physicians with headquarters in Ocala, FL and laboratories in Mamaroneck, NY and Lake Success, NY

• $1.0 million of preferred equity to assist in the purchase of 75% of the Company

Evolvent Technologies, Inc.

• Provider of business information technology services primarily to the federal government primarily in the cyber-security and business intelligence areas with locations in Falls Church, VA and San Antonio, TX

• $1.0 million of preferred equity to assist in the leveraged management buy-out of the Company

Nurses Now, LLC

• Provider of nurse staffing services to hospitals in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas

• $.8 million of preferred equity to help finance the Company’s growth

SunCrest Healthcare, Inc.

• Operator of Medicare-certified home healthcare agencies in Jacksonville, FL, Memphis, TN, and Nashville, TN that provides various combinations of skilled nursing and therapy care, as well as other services, in the home of the patient

• $3.15 million of preferred equity to help acquire the agencies and provide working capital to the Company

Viztek Holdings, LLC / 20/20 HealthCare LLC

• Provider of digital healthcare information technology services and products to doctors’ offices and imaging centers with headquarters located in Jacksonville, FL.   

• $1.0 million of preferred equity to provide addition growth capital to the company.


• Reverse logistics companies that specialize in electronics, food, and drugs with locations throughout the United States

• $1.5 million of preferred equity in conjuction with a recapitalization of the company.

Adoration Health

• Medicare and Medicaid certified home health and hospice business headquartered in Nashville, TN

• $3.2 million of preferred equity in conjuction with the acquisition of certificates of need required to operate in Tennessee.


• Government and commercial contractor that specializes in cyber security, information security, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence communications and electronic warfare headquartered in Herndon, VA

• $2.0 million of preferred equity in conjunction with the acquisition of the company